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Developing Outstanding Facilitation Skills

How effective facilitation can drive CPD in schools

Course Reference: 40050WW
Price: Call 020 8253 8241 or click 'Enquire'
Timings: 10am - 4pm Enquire Now
This course explores the features of outstanding facilitation, strategies and resources for developing facilitation skills and providing a model for planning facilitated adult learning.
  • Understand the features of outstanding facilitation
  • Consider your role as a facilitator of CPD on your setting
  • Practise using strategies and resources from a facilitation tool kit
  • Plan your CPD sessions using a facilitation model (Glaser model)
  • Develop your facilitation skills in a safe environment


Getting started

  • Introductions and icebreaker strategies
  • What makes outstanding facilitation? What do we need to avoid?
  • A 5 point facilitation framework to support quality assurance and professional development

Considering your role

  • Audit for the CPD needs in your setting
  • Prepare a CPD action plan
  • Facilitator tool kit —25 strategies to use

Planning your facilitation session

  • How to facilitate adult learning — am introduction to the 7 step Glaser model
  • Using the model to plan a session from you CDD action plan
  • Feedback from peers

Delivering the session

  • Presentation of the planner CPD session
  • Quality assurance from peers using the facilitation framework
  • Revision of the planned session and acting on feedback
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