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Safeguarding: Online and Mobile Technologies

Ensure that all your children are risk aware and safe in the ever-changing online environment

Open Training Course Open Course
Inhouse Training Course In-house

Suitable for: Safeguarding officers, teachers and senior leaders keen to ensure that online and mobile technologies can be fully utilised, safely, as part of the school's curriculum.

Phases suitable for:

  • Secondary
  • Further Education
  • Special

Course Reference: 7819WW
Price: £299.00 + VAT or hold in-house
Timings: 10am - 4pm Book Now

The popularity of online and mobile technologies can be used positively in education, but staff and students need to be protected. Parents, school staff and carers have a responsibility to take an active interest and to ensure that safeguarding strategies are in place and implemented. This course will examine the potential safeguarding issues related to online and mobile technologies and explore possible solutions and means of implementing these through a review of policy and practice.

  • Develop robust policies to support online safeguarding, including e-safety and AUP's
  • Identify the range of e-safety issues
  • Communicate key safety messages to young people
  • Help young people to recognise when they might be vulnerable
  • Explore the wider network for information and advice for reporting abuse
  • Provide more support and guidance for parents and carers


The new digital world
  • Background and context - new technologies and new threats
  • What is life like for a young person in the digital world?
  • The wider network, their roles and how they can support e-safety
E-safety in schools
  • The role of the e-safety coordinator
  • Where are you now? An e-safety audit
  • Developing school policies: e-safety, social media and Acceptable Use Policies
E-safety and young people
  • Identify how young people use online and mobile technologies
  • Information, advice and guidance for staying safe in the classroom and when away from direct supervision
  • Recognise signs and indicators of cyber bullying and online grooming
Real school scenarios and real solutions
  • Share good practice through case studies, including staff/pupil communication,
  • Working with parents and carers to promote e-safety
  • Promote and build online resilience

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